Space Dogs and Online Shops

Hey Gang,

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I had some time off to do some commissions work. And I did, I did do some of it. The rest of the time I watched TV, read Twitter and cried over my inability to do anything productive with my free time, and sad dog stories. 

I also set up a shop on my website! I have ONE ITEM so far because it was the only thing I had edited big enough to be printed in decent quality. It's also my newest drawing. Inspired by misreading a competition by the Barbican to create a science and space travel themed piece. The competition is actually on the theme of Sci-Fi which, thinking about it, is even more my cup of tea. But too late, I had already started looking up all the animals that had been jettisoned into space by the Russians in the 50's, decided everyone likes dogs and given my recent experience of colouring-in an animation about a naked guy floating in space, decided I was an expert in zero-gravity dog postures.

This is called 17 Good Dogs. Because Laika was the famous one but there was also Belka and Veterok and 12 unnamed strays, who were all exceptionally Good Dogs. Poor guys, humans are shit.

Anyway, they're all up there now, floating in doggy heaven for ever immortalised in my wobbly drawing. At some point you'll actually be able to buy it when I have figured out all of the things.

Life Drawing #lifedrawing

A little while ago, at work, I was swanning around the building going about my daily bits and bobs when I noticed my friend had a 'How to draw like Marvel' magazine on his desk. 

This evoked two kinds of snootiness in me, one- I used to sell serialized magazines, the 'Part One of "build the Hindenburg Disaster" with bits of plastic! Only 99p, subsequent editions £7.99 each.'  I know what a total rip-off they are- and so should anyone with a head. 

My second bout of snooty went like this, "If you want to draw like Marvel artists, you should spend your money on life drawing classes, not shitty magazines."

Once I dismounted from my high horse I realised that I have not tried to draw a proper human for ages and, well, I should probably practice what I preach,

So I went to a life drawing class on Thursday night and, unsurprisingly, I am rust-eeey!

in order of creation I have my first 2 minute warm ups. I'm impressed with the abstractness of the first one. when I came to scan these in I thought I'd had some kind of two minute aneurysm then I realised I was looking at it sideways.

I thought by the 4th one I was warming up.

Then Julie Death-Mask happened and I decided to blame my charcoal. Charcoal makes everyone look like leather-face. FACT.

next we got 20 minutes to polish our turds

I'm not sure how but I managed to draw myself. I added a speech bubble with the model's name to assure Future Natasha that Past Natasha has not get taken her clothes off in front of a room of strangers. With the lights on. Wooo!!

Another 20 minute attempt and she looks a bit less like me. Next came a break and a nice glass of gin and tonic.


post gin 2mins.jpg

2 minute warm ups- Ah.. pencil.. and slightly more confident lines. Thanks Gin.

And lastly.. a 25 minute attempt which was OK. That's a tiny bowler hat by the way. It was bigger in real life. I'm not sure why it was there, I don't think it had anything to do with the gin.

And that was my life drawing class! I'll go again and stick the pictures up and hopefully after a while I'll be able to see some improvement!

Goodnight xx


Meanwhile, in The Country

I'm visiting my parents at the moment down in Sussex. The air is fresh and the grass is green so naturally I'm hiding indoors updating my website.

There hasn't been much extras stuff happening as I'm too busy to flounce about dressing up, as much as I love it. Saying that, here is me being the pope. 

Heavenly selfie.

Heavenly selfie.

I had a couple of drawing commissions over Christmas, one of which is Tom Bailey, the grumpy badger politician  

I have done him in a style I've tried to leave as it's a bit neurotic and anal and I have great difficult finishing. But at the same time it was quite fun for a change.

The other commission I was less pleased with, I really felt very uninspired and so found it hard to feel excited by it, the result therefore is a bit flat. I did feel inspired to draw a yoga-otter in photoshop though. 

soft otter.jpg

I'm trying to get better as illustrating digitally. on one hand it's wonderful, the joys of cmd z, etc, on the other hand it's such a trial to whittle away for hours trying to achieve an effect which one can do using real inks and pencils that takes about 10 minutes, sometimes even less and BY ACCIDENT.

There are a couple of new additions on the main site which are Photoshop drawn. I know I need a lot of work but I should probably not be too precious and just put it out there anyway. 

Other new updates include some drawings I did a while ago on the theme of Being an Extra and what one can expect from hours and hours of sitting on 'dining busses'. I have put captions underneath some of the really inexplicable ones but I don't really like doing it. They wouldn't make sense if I didn't though. It's a conundrum. 

Lastly, I have been doodling which I feel like I haven't had the chance to do for ages but I had a week sitting at a computer with absolutely nothing to do recently so doodling happened. I'll pop them on 'Sometimes' when I figure out how to get photos off my now confused, geriatric phone.

Cheerio, have a nice Sunday!  

Cats & Casting & Cops

I designed a few cats for a book, the lady decided not to go with my style but I quite liked the pictures anyway. This is Tubbs the fat cat who got stuck in his cat flap and Orlando the savage cat who was humiliated with a 'lion cut'

One of my (favourite!) casting agents asked if I could knock them up a few pictures for a pitch they were putting together.

And Lastly, here is me being a poe-faced police lady in BBC1 drama New Blood.



Hello! I have been busy doing stuff. Drawing stuff and Extras stuff and I went to scotland and I played with The naughtiest puppy. Seriously, she is so naughty.

In no particular order... photos!