December #Illustrations #puppies

Even though I really like drawing, I have difficulty thinking of stuff to put on paper, sometimes to the point of declaring to my blank sheet of paper 'I'M NEVER GOING TO DRAW AGAIN'. Then the other day it occurred to me- just draw some memories, some events that are stuck on the fridge door of my brain.


My Friend and I made a round trip of 450 miles to look at some puppies. They were cute and sleepy when we got there, then within 30 seconds were awake and nuts. At one point my friend had to delicately prize both of them off her, as they simultaneously had taken mouthfuls of her long hair and were dangling like chubby, wagging baubles.


I planned to keep the puppy in my flat until Christmas but after 2 nights of howling I thought she'd be happier in her forever home sooner, rather than later.

She was a total surprise present for my parents. Dad was in shock, Mum actually threw up.