Meanwhile, in The Country

I'm visiting my parents at the moment down in Sussex. The air is fresh and the grass is green so naturally I'm hiding indoors updating my website.

There hasn't been much extras stuff happening as I'm too busy to flounce about dressing up, as much as I love it. Saying that, here is me being the pope. 

Heavenly selfie.

Heavenly selfie.

I had a couple of drawing commissions over Christmas, one of which is Tom Bailey, the grumpy badger politician  

I have done him in a style I've tried to leave as it's a bit neurotic and anal and I have great difficult finishing. But at the same time it was quite fun for a change.

The other commission I was less pleased with, I really felt very uninspired and so found it hard to feel excited by it, the result therefore is a bit flat. I did feel inspired to draw a yoga-otter in photoshop though. 

soft otter.jpg

I'm trying to get better as illustrating digitally. on one hand it's wonderful, the joys of cmd z, etc, on the other hand it's such a trial to whittle away for hours trying to achieve an effect which one can do using real inks and pencils that takes about 10 minutes, sometimes even less and BY ACCIDENT.

There are a couple of new additions on the main site which are Photoshop drawn. I know I need a lot of work but I should probably not be too precious and just put it out there anyway. 

Other new updates include some drawings I did a while ago on the theme of Being an Extra and what one can expect from hours and hours of sitting on 'dining busses'. I have put captions underneath some of the really inexplicable ones but I don't really like doing it. They wouldn't make sense if I didn't though. It's a conundrum. 

Lastly, I have been doodling which I feel like I haven't had the chance to do for ages but I had a week sitting at a computer with absolutely nothing to do recently so doodling happened. I'll pop them on 'Sometimes' when I figure out how to get photos off my now confused, geriatric phone.

Cheerio, have a nice Sunday!