Space Dogs and Online Shops

Hey Gang,

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I had some time off to do some commissions work. And I did, I did do some of it. The rest of the time I watched TV, read Twitter and cried over my inability to do anything productive with my free time, and sad dog stories. 

I also set up a shop on my website! I have ONE ITEM so far because it was the only thing I had edited big enough to be printed in decent quality. It's also my newest drawing. Inspired by misreading a competition by the Barbican to create a science and space travel themed piece. The competition is actually on the theme of Sci-Fi which, thinking about it, is even more my cup of tea. But too late, I had already started looking up all the animals that had been jettisoned into space by the Russians in the 50's, decided everyone likes dogs and given my recent experience of colouring-in an animation about a naked guy floating in space, decided I was an expert in zero-gravity dog postures.

This is called 17 Good Dogs. Because Laika was the famous one but there was also Belka and Veterok and 12 unnamed strays, who were all exceptionally Good Dogs. Poor guys, humans are shit.

Anyway, they're all up there now, floating in doggy heaven for ever immortalised in my wobbly drawing. At some point you'll actually be able to buy it when I have figured out all of the things.