Life Drawing #lifedrawing

A little while ago, at work, I was swanning around the building going about my daily bits and bobs when I noticed my friend had a 'How to draw like Marvel' magazine on his desk. 

This evoked two kinds of snootiness in me, one- I used to sell serialized magazines, the 'Part One of "build the Hindenburg Disaster" with bits of plastic! Only 99p, subsequent editions £7.99 each.'  I know what a total rip-off they are- and so should anyone with a head. 

My second bout of snooty went like this, "If you want to draw like Marvel artists, you should spend your money on life drawing classes, not shitty magazines."

Once I dismounted from my high horse I realised that I have not tried to draw a proper human for ages and, well, I should probably practice what I preach,

So I went to a life drawing class on Thursday night and, unsurprisingly, I am rust-eeey!

in order of creation I have my first 2 minute warm ups. I'm impressed with the abstractness of the first one. when I came to scan these in I thought I'd had some kind of two minute aneurysm then I realised I was looking at it sideways.

I thought by the 4th one I was warming up.

Then Julie Death-Mask happened and I decided to blame my charcoal. Charcoal makes everyone look like leather-face. FACT.

next we got 20 minutes to polish our turds

I'm not sure how but I managed to draw myself. I added a speech bubble with the model's name to assure Future Natasha that Past Natasha has not get taken her clothes off in front of a room of strangers. With the lights on. Wooo!!

Another 20 minute attempt and she looks a bit less like me. Next came a break and a nice glass of gin and tonic.


post gin 2mins.jpg

2 minute warm ups- Ah.. pencil.. and slightly more confident lines. Thanks Gin.

And lastly.. a 25 minute attempt which was OK. That's a tiny bowler hat by the way. It was bigger in real life. I'm not sure why it was there, I don't think it had anything to do with the gin.

And that was my life drawing class! I'll go again and stick the pictures up and hopefully after a while I'll be able to see some improvement!

Goodnight xx