I was born at some point in the 80s and lived in Tooting until I was 10, then my parents wrenched me out of the SW17 ghetto and thrust me, gingham clad, into West Sussex. Here I did the usual stuff kids do growing up; drinking Lambrini from fruit bowls, driving ride-on lawn mowers into ponds, rolling up and down skateboard ramps in bins, et cetera. I also, of course, went to school where I paid most attention in Art and Drama.

When I went to University I studied Animation (which is mixture of both Art and Drama) at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey. Once I graduated naturally I jumped into a career selling books in Norwich.

I call these my 'wilderness years'.

A few years later and I have accidentally found myself living back in SW London, illustrating, 'background acting' and working at an animation studio.

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