Would you like a drawing?

Contact Me

Where Are you?

I operate out of South West London, if you are after some artwork which can be posted or transferred digitally then it doesn't matter where you are! If you are outside of London or the South West and want a mural, my rates will be higher to cover travel expenses.

Time  Frame: When do you need the image completed by? 

Intended Use: How is this picture going to be used, who is the intended audience?

Your vision - If you have a set idea in mind show me! Even if you have some terrible stick drawings, it's better then nothing. I can't read your mind, the more you express the easier my job is and the better the end result will be.


Photos - If you are commissioning me for a mural it is essential that you send nice clear and multiple photos of the space you want the mural.

Measurements - please also measure the space, this is especially important if you are having a vinyl print fitted.

Stuff - Is the mural on a wall that would usually have stuff in front of it/ on it? 100% definitely let me know and photograph the space with the objects in situ.

Visit - If I'm painting directly onto the walls it will be prudent for me to come and actually have a look at the space! I'll take some photos of my own and decide whether the wall needs some primer. I will also probably drink your tea if offered. Just milk, thanks.


  1. Sketches - Once you have outlined your ideas I will supply you with some rough versions of how it looks to me.
  2. Discussion - Whizz me back an email with changes you'll like to see. Be as detailed as you can so this stage doesn't take too long.


  1. Sketches 2 - More sketches, this time with your specified changes 
  2. Discussion - This should be the finalisation of the discussion regarding the initial sketches, the next step is are more finished-looking sketches



  1. The final sketch - This should be a rough version of the finished illustration, contact me if you want tweaks, there should be no massive changes by this stage though.
  2. Sign off - Once you're happy with the finial sketch I shall make a start on the final piece. 



Direct to Wall - If you are having a mural it is at this stage that I will come and prep the intended wall, this might mean a coat of primer and a chalk outline of the mural.

Finished on Paper

  1. On paper  - Once complete I will email you a small version of the completed illustration 
  2. Review - If you are happy with the result I will then send you the full sized version, or, if it has been agreed, the final piece.

Tiny Tweaks - I can't change much to the finished version but if you simply must have something (minor!) changed I can see what can be done in Photoshop- this obviously cannot be the case if you are buying the original piece. 

Finshed on Wall

Voila! - You'll be able to see the finished result right away. 

Review - I might be able to make some little tweaks to the final work but ultimately I say when it is finished.